My name is Alastair Stevens, I live in the small village of Faulsgreen which is centered between the two market towns of Whitchurch and Mkt Drayton. I operate a driving school covering theses towns along with Shrewsbury and Telford. I became a Governmentally Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) in 2004 passing with grade 5 just short of the maximum grade(6) achievable. What this means to you as a potential client is the reassurance regarding the level of instruction received.

The Instructor test as become ever increasingly difficult to pass, and rightly so, afterall the Driving Standards Agency have a duty in ensuring that every measure is being taken to support their moto "SAFE DRIVING FOR LIFE"and this starts with regulating a good standard of instructor. There are misconceptions that a good instructor is someone who has been doing it for years, but this means they are neither good or bad. A good instructor is one that has witnessed and been part of many driving experiences, in my case 35yrs, and able to project those experiences to the pupil whilst developing their ability to drive in a well structured manner that incorporates all the safety disciplines laid down by the DSA so we all can ensure your safety when you start driving.

With having passed recently a further test of ability to instruct had to be achieved over that of passed year requirements in becoming a driving instructor and now forms part of the discipline. It is important that your driving instructor has full understanding towards that of theory training whether as a means in helping his/her pupil in passing the theory test or just as a means of knowledgeable reference when performing a practical  manoeuvre, I have obtained the certificate of advanced hazard perception training  , this means that I am right up to date with the Driving Standards Agengy (DSA) requirements regarding theory training as well as that of the practical test. You as a pupil, will not only gain the knowledge of practical driving, but if you wish, also that of theory.

With running my own business, you will benefit from cheaper lessons to that of National Schools as well as the individual supportive input from your instructor in ensuring you reach test standard as quickly and safely as possible.

During the first lesson we will establish your needs and time scales to achieving your aim, that of passing the test. You may have already passed your theory, however, if not, I will incorporate that into your lessons should you wish. We will fill in the progress chart in your Driver Record booklet issued by Stevens School of Motoring after each session to which you will keep for reference and personal development, ultimately a keepsake of your achievements.

What should be made clear is that I am here to ensure you become equipped with all the tools necessary in passing your test. You also have my reassurance that when you are ready, you will take your test, and it is not in my interest to hold back on this.

Each lesson will start with an outlining of the goals to be achieved for that session. It is also advisable, if possible, that you continue these goals outside that of the lesson by means of private help through books and that of safe legal practical driving, however, this is not essential, although it will help minimise your time under my instruction and therefore save you money. Ultimately, I will see you through your test and quite often you, as a pupil with my guidance will instinctively know when that is.

Books will be made available to you should you wish to purchase them. All applications for test are normally done through Stevens School of Motoring issuing the DSA with my Instructor number. YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR THIS TEST FEE